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Our company is working on the registration of documents for the import and export of artistic works of art. Examination for import to Russia. Examination for export from Russia. Exporting artwork from Russia to Europe, Asia.

We cooperate with public and private organizers of any art events around the world! We invite you to visit!

In our huge country, Russia, there are many beautiful museums and galleries for displaying modern and classical art.

We offer a complete set of documents for the legal movement of objects of art activity, as well as cultural values with the conduct of an art history expertise.

An expert opinion on each imported art object is issued after an expert assessment by an accredited specialist-determining the cultural value.

All our experts have a certain specialization according to the legislation on import and export, accreditation of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation for the right to work with cultural and other values of the art world.
Our competence includes the preparation of permits for the majority of imported works of the art market of the modern and ancient world: objects of painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative and applied art, objects of religious worship (icons), printed publications (books), musical instruments, coins, weapons and much more.
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External trade of the Russian Federation in art goods and services